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never i repeat never put on time warp at a party unless you want the theatre kids to destroy your house

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this makes my heart ache

Silverstein always has been, and always will be my favorite poet because he doesn’t even need words in his poem to make people open their eyes.

Keep growing those tender thoughts, because they make the world a more beautiful and loving place.

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The improv team I was on in high school only had one rank: “co-captain.” If you joined the improv team, you were automatically a co-captain. It wasn’t to make everyone equal within the club dynamic or anything like that, we just all knew that we would have to list extracurriculars on our college applications, and you could make yourself look more impressive by putting “co-captain” without specifying how many other captains the team had or how a member becomes a captain. 

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i cant believe im hesitating making this post but

if someone has a comfort object, like a blanket or a stuffed animal or anythign that they have to sleep with in order to make them feel secure or positive, don’t fucking make fun of them. i don’t care where it is or why you feel that it’s funny or childish, but don’t make fun of them. 

And don’t you fucking take it away from them.


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important ship question: who wears the “if found, please return to [name]” shirt and who wears the “i am [name]” shirt

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how does thomas sanders get his teachers to do vines with him I can even get my teachers to say hello to me in the hall

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book susan pevensie:

  • is an expert archer
  • is present in none of the battles
  • forgets about narnia/tricks herself into thinking she’d made it up
  • becomes “silly” and obsessed with makeup and boys and because of that she isn’t allowed to return to narnia/aslan’s land
  • basically:…
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I personally think he really does need a protection squad.

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oh my fucking god

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So there’s cute people and there’s hot people right? But then theRE’S PEOPLE WHO ARE CUTE AND HOT AND SOMETIMES AT THE SAME TIME AND IT’SNOT FAIR.

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« so what does it mean to be a romanitc asexual??? i mean i know there are infographics but i still dont get it »

Asexuality isn’t something that can easily be defined, because it’s more of a spectrum than a definite decision, which is why new types of sexuality are brought up every day. A year ago, I didn’t know what a pansexual is, and now i can be like ‘go as my friend lori she likes the guys the girls the everyone’.

But if you think of the sexuality spectrum as ranging from aromantic asexual to panromantic pansexual, then right now, I’m going to focus on the aromantic asexual to romantic sexual part right now.

the aromantic asexual doesn’t feel attracted to anybody regardless of gender, sex, or type. It totally takes the stress of dating away.

The romantic asexual (me) is someone who if a cutie came up to them and said “hey you’re cute lets cuddle and watch disney movies” we’ve got a date friend, but if it goes into a sexual aspect, we don’t want a part in it. There are some people who only want to have sex to have children, and I’m pretty sure (not certain) they’re still asexuals.

The aromantic sexual is someone who doesnt feel romantic attraction to someone, but still can want to have sex with someone.

The romantic sexual are people who get married AND have sex just for the heck of it.

Then you have something closely related to asexuality called demisexuality. Demiromanticism or Demisexuality is only wanting to have an intimate relationship after a very close and long-lasting bond between the two people. There can be any sort of combination between demi/a romantic/sexual people. For example, a demiromantic sexual would only want to be in a relationship after a strong bond is formed, but has no problem having sex.

So long story short for me: hugs good sex bad

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« okay what do the harry potter books have that the movies don't? »


oh my okay let us see

  • Ginny being a badass
  • Hermione having a dynamic character with flaws and varying traits
  • Ron being the greatest friend in the world and not just comedic relief
  • Peeves
  • Alice and Frank Longbottom
  • The full story of Lupin and Tonks’ relationship (and CHILD)
  • Winky
  • S.P.E.W and Hermione’s passion for equality and fair treatment for all creatures (and the reason for her kissing Ron for the first time)
  • The Gaunt family and Voldemort’s daddy issues
  • Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs
  • Dudley essentially telling Harry he would miss him
  • Dean, the snatchers and Shell Cottage
  • Rita Skeeter being an unregistered animagus
  • Snuffles
  • Victorie Weasley and Teddy Lupin
  • Nick’s deathday party
  • James saving Snapes’ life despite hating him
  • Harry giving Fred and George his Triwizard Cup winnings
  • "Remember my last, Petunia"
  • Ron and Hermione as Prefects
  • Firenze teaching divination
  • Neville being the other chosen one
  • Voldemort’s TRUE death and dead body
  • Dumbledore’s funeral
  • Harry and Ginny’s actually good/not creepy relationship
  • Cousin ‘Barny Weasley’
  • The memorial at Godric’s Hollow
  • The taboo on Voldemort’s name
  • The reason Dumbledore turned down his minister of magic position
  • Professor Binns
  • Squibs
  • Charlie Weasley
  • Ludo Bagman
  • "Weasley is our king"
  • St. Mungos hospital
  • Percy being a lil bitch

Basically everything good ever

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